5 Reasons Why Hiring an IT Security Consultant Could Save Your Business

Posted on Monday, February 13, 2017

In 2017, IT security is a big concern – not just for enterprise, but for SMBs as well. Cyber threats are ever-evolving, and new risks, scams and insidious schemes are being revealed every single day. As the threats become more sophisticated, so do the solutions. The trouble is, if IT security is not your area of specialty, it would be impossible to keep track of all the potential threats, never mind the high-tech solutions that have been designed to combat them.

Conclusion? An IT security consultant is a specialist you can’t afford not to hire. In fact, hiring an IT consultant could save your business. At Mustard IT, we’re all about that.

Reasons to hire an IT security consultant

The reasons you would hire an IT security consultant are much the same as if you were hiring an outside consultant for any other task. It could be that the expertise you require is beyond the scope of your staff, or you might have a mandate to complete on a deadline. You likely have no time to waste, and you need a truly unbiased perspective from someone who isn’t involved in your internal office politics or hierarchy. If any of these statements resonate with you, you probably need a consultant.

Five good reasons to hire an IT security consultant are:

1.      They have experience

Even if you have a full-time IT staff, chances are that IT security is not among their primary skillsets. Even if there is some security experience amongst your staff, it always helps to have someone outside the company take a look at your systems with fresh eyes. As even your brightest staffer can develop blind spots, an outside opinion may be just the thing to ensure that all your bases are covered.

An IT security consultant will be well-versed on current and impending threats, and will know how to apply the latest security standards and authentication protocols to protect your company and its data. A security consultant can recommend security software and hardware that is right for your business. They can help to identify your vulnerabilities and implement real solutions that will make your life easier while protecting you from a wide range of losses.

2.      You need it done yesterday

When we think about the damage a targeted attack can wreak, there is no time like the present to ‘get it done.’ An independent IT security consultant is there to do one thing and one thing only, meaning he or she isn’t going to get side-tracked with day-to-day tasks or distracted by others on staff. This means that the time they spend on the clock is 100% dedicated to the task at hand, so potentially, the job can get done more quickly and efficiently than it would if you used your own IT staff. Your staff would in turn be able to focus on what they need to accomplish without worrying about IT security, resulting in enhanced productivity across the board.

3.      An IT consultant can save you money

By hiring an outside IT security consultant, you may actually get the job done faster, which will save you a great deal of payroll expenditure. Many companies balk at the idea of hiring a consultant because they think the cost is too high. They should instead be thinking of how much more efficient the process will be and how much more quickly they can consider the mission accomplished.

Even if you do have some IT talent on board, an independent contractor can probably get the job done more quickly than if you were to keep it in-house. In addition, you will generally know exactly how much the job is going to cost up front, which will make your financial planning more efficient. Consider also that you will only be paying them for the time they are working on the project, and nothing further. In the end, hiring an IT security consultant can do more than just save your company, it can add value to your bottom line.

4.      You will get a completely unbiased opinion of your It security needs.

An IT security consultant isn’t tied to one product or a single solution. They come to you as a guru of sorts, able to tell you exactly where your vulnerabilities are and what your options may be for strengthening them. Occasionally, what a consultant might tell you might not be what you want to hear, but like it or not, you can be confident that it is the unvarnished truth. If it can be done, they will get it done. If it can’t be done, they will tell you why.

5.      Make your IT staff even better

Hiring a security consultant will help to educate your current staff and broaden their horizons when thinking about IT security. Consultants will work with your IT team to develop, design, and implement security policies, providing technical guidance and expertise as well as security training for your entire staff. By educating your workforce, they will begin to understand what certain threats look like and how they take hold of your system once they have gained access. Once the consultant has completed the job, their efforts will continue to be implemented, reinforced by the new security protocols that have been established.

One more reason hiring an IT security consultant could save your business

In case five isn’t an even enough number, or if you need another reason to hire a security consultant, consider the convenience of instant, 24/7 availability. Consultants don’t punch the company clock, so if you set a deadline that means working through the weekend, that is what will happen. If you have a question, or if an issue comes to light where you need to speak to your consultant immediately, they will always be available, answering your questions and guiding you through difficult processes no matter the hour, no matter the day. The value of your peace of mind: priceless.

Mustard IT: London’s trusted IT security consultancy

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