Impressive Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Revealed at CES 2016

Posted on Monday, January 11, 2016

The Consumer Electronics Show 2016 has been in full swing in Las Vegas during the past week and there have been a vast array of different innovations, devices and future projects announced and premiered to whet the appetite of tech fans.

One of arguably the most exciting and immediately relevant demonstrations this week, was that of Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro S which appears to be a high class tablet running Windows 10, promising full notebook style performance and looking set to rival Apple’s iPad Pro, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and the other supposed ‘laptop killing’ tablets hitting the market.

Top End Tablet Features

As is true of all of the so-called ‘laptop killing’ tablets, which aim to make laptops and notebooks obsolete by offering all of the associated functionality in a more convenient package, the TabPro S provides an array of outstanding features which typify a traditional top end tablet.

At 6.3mm thick and weighing in at only 693 grams for instance, the TabPro S is outstandingly portable and is therefore perfect for a professional on the move. The display quality too, is impressive and in fact outdoes many other tablets on the market thanks to the 12 inch Super AMOLED display. That 2,160 x 1,440 pixel screen is the same kind as has previously been seen on Galaxy smartphones and Samsung’s top TVs and delivers a bright and clear picture quality that is perfect for media playback.

Alongside the portability and striking display, the TabPro S also boasts 5 MP front and rear facing cameras which would represent an impressive package for an out and out tablet but is certainly not the end of the story for this particular device.

Full Notebook Performance

In order to make the TabPro S an all-around device with full notebook style functionality, Samsung are set to provide it along with a full sized keyboard cover with trackpad. That is in stark contrast to Apple and Microsoft, who both offer similar products as only added extras for the iPad Pro and Surface 4.

According to those few lucky enough to test the TabPro S to date too, the keyboard and trackpad provided is also apparently impressive in its responsiveness and does give the devices the feel of a notebook.

The battery of the TabPro S also delivers performance far closer to that of a notebook than of many tablets, thanks to the utilisation of fast-charging technology from Samsung smartphones to deliver a full charge in just 2.5 hours and battery life said to last a full 10.5 hours.

The processing power of the new device looks set to outstrip many tablets too, with a dual-core 900 MHZ intel core processor and 4GB of RAM being packed into the slim chassis. It should be mentioned however, that whilst the specs are impressive, little is definitively known about the performance of the TabPro S in practice.


It’s fair to say that there has been quite a buzz about the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S since it was demonstrated this week, and if you too are potentially interested in getting hold of one you may not have to wait long. The device is expected to be available globally from February of this year but there have not yet been details of specifications or most importantly of price.