Quick and Simple Ways to Improve your Firm’s Cyber Security

Posted on Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Cyber security is in every way possible a hot button issue. Stories of cyber-attacks, data theft and other incursions have hardly been out of the news in the early part of 2016. Here at Mustard IT we are dedicated to helping companies to get the most out of their IT systems and as such to helping businesses and individuals to protect themselves against cyber security threats. That’s why we offer specific advice such as how to stay secure when using the cloud.

Cyber security is not all about optimised cloud computing, anti-virus software and other IT specifics however. In fact, it is something which can only be ensured by way of all-encompassing and efficient planning across the board within your company and through the implementation of best security practices. Fortunately however, there are some quick and simple ways for you to improve that all important cyber security of your company.

Implement Sensible Security Policies 

Today it just simply isn’t enough to install a firewall and some anti-virus software and assume that your IT system is going to be protected. You need to ensure that your company has sensible and yet reliable security policies that give you an extra layer of protection.

What that means is introducing things such as two factor authentication when it comes to logging into systems, accessing data and especially performing financial transactions. Having these kind of two factor authentication practices, whereby it is not only a password required but some other component too, is vital for protecting against the loss or theft of login credentials.

Eliminate Shared Accounts and Passwords 

Keeping your company and your IT systems safe and secure isn’t all about software, hardware or even the systems themselves. In fact, in many cases the blame for system incursions, data theft and other cyber-attacks can often be traced back to those using your system – i.e. you and your staff.

One prime example of this is if you have shared accounts and passwords for critical systems, accessing data or making business transactions. In that situation after all, the chance of the account logins or passwords being compromised are increased by a factor equal to the number of people who share them. Where possible therefore, it can be hugely beneficial to your security if you can eliminate these shared accounts and passwords, and encourage staff to create and closely guard their own unique logins.

Introduce Effective Training and Employee Education 

As a small business owner or decision maker you are naturally across all of the news regarding cyber security and the importance of keeping your company’s systems and data safe. Your staff however, may not be anything like as on top of the latest IT news and as such not fully understand the importance of best cyber security practices.

As such, one of the potentially most beneficial things you can do to improve your company’s cyber security is to properly educate and train all staff in the area. If you do that after all, they will not only know the practices you need them to implement but will also understand why it is a must and will be better equipped to spot any signs of a potential cyber-attack.

If you take these quick and easy steps your company’s cyber security can be improved at a stroke but if you need some more comprehensive or individual IT advice, Mustard IT’s professionals are just a phone call away.