The 12 Best Cyber Security Companies in London

Posted on Thursday, August 1, 2019

In the current corporate climate, an increasing number of businesses are data driven, and all are experiencing a shift to greater reliance on technology and data, with digital communications and cloud services enabling a paperless office, as well as vast improvements in efficiency and productivity. In 2017, data surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable commodity, and with a greater proportion of company assets in cyberspace, new threats have also quickly increased. Cyber crime has also been expanding exponentially and is soon to become more profitable than the global trade in illegal drugs, with Cyber Security Ventures predicting that cyber crime will cost the world $6 trillion by 2021. 


When it comes to security, all businesses have different security requirements based on their company profiles, and will choose to focus on data loss prevention, network security or risk management, while other companies will have wider ranging security needs and will prefer to find an all-inclusive IT support provider, such as Mustard IT. 




If you’re looking for high-ranking cyber security experts that provide all-round skills and expertise, Mustard IT is a valued IT security company based in London with a proven track record in delivering results. In addition to a fast response time and excellent customer service, Mustard IT offer services in cloud security, network security, end user device security, telecommunications and business continuity. For an experienced and reasonably priced cyber security company that delivers, we consider ourselves a reliable option. 


Risk assessment


When it comes to risk and compliance, Access Data is a London-based cyber security company with experience in the field. To mitigate risk and ensure compliance, Access Data carry out a wide range of collection and data tools that reduce risks while using fewer resources and at a lower cost. The company finds and eliminates risk at enterprise endpoints, and provide additional services in data forensics. 


Network security


With offices in Cambridge and London, Dark Trace is a multinational firm that provides software and AI systems developed by Cambridge-based machine learning specialists. Programmes include the Enterprise Immune System for advanced cyber defence, Autonomous Response, a leading cyber AI, and the Darktrace Threat Visualiser, an interface that gives a graphical presentation of the network with threat alerts. 


The global accounting firm, PWC, offers IT security services that focus on cloud security, threat detection and response, and identity and access management. PWC are an experienced firm with extensive technical knowledge and expertise, they are highly rated for digital forensics and incident response, and they use a range of defensive and proactive methods to safeguard against attacks. 


QinetiQ is a large global firm that has a site in Hampshire for which operations are concentrated on research and development in testing and evaluation. The focus on cutting edge science and engineering allows for QinetiQ to provide innovative solutions in infrastructure and equipment for clients whose needs are larger in scale or more particular. Among QinetiQ’s clients is the Ministry of Defence, whose security needs are considerable. 


Syntax is another multinational IT security company with offices in London, providing services that include network perimeter security, as well as forensic analysis to locate and protect against potential threats and attacks. The company uses Syntax Humio and cloud forensics to analyse data, and emphasises the importance of comprehensive file log analysis for increased visibility. 


Data Loss Prevention


For a company that specialises in data loss prevention, Clearswift protects sensitive data against leaks and malicious attacks by providing the appropriate levels of security. Data protection programmes used by Clearswift include the Adaptive DLP tool, which applies the most suitable level of security based on the data and its context, and includes encryption redaction and blocking in real time. Clearswift also offers compliance with industry regulations, and protection for email, cloud and endpoint data loss.




With two offices in London and one in Florida, Protectimus is an IT security company that specialises in authentication. Protectimus offers strong authentication that includes the use of One Time Passwords (OTP), multi-factor authentication, Initiative for Open Authentication (OATH) and a range of algorithms. Also working with various authentication solutions, such as PSD2, RADIUS, VMWare and Roundcube.  


Miracl is a London-based IT company for authentication which uses zero knowledge proof in their solutions and multi-factor authentication that choose PIN numbers over passwords and minimises vulnerabilities and threats, such as password database breaches or credentials sent over the web. The company also uses Miracl Trust, a strong authentication programme that is scalable, easy to implement and use, can be extended to mobile devices and is reasonably priced. 


Endpoint security


Wandera has offices in London, San Francisco and Brno, and concentrates on mobile security for both the endpoint and the network. This cyber security company uses MI:RAM, an advanced machine learning and threat intelligence engine to single out and destroy a broad spectrum of potential threats, and can be used with the full range of mobile devices. 


Recently bought by American company, Bomgar, Avecto retains its name and continues to provide cyber security services in Manchester. Avecto concentrates on user access and endpoint privilege management, as well as privilege remote access. They reduce risks posed by system weaknesses and potential attacks by maximising password security, minimising endpoint privilege and securing remote access. 


Email security


A global firm with offices in London, Mimecast is an IT security company that focusses on email security, compliance and web security. This includes resilient strategies that provide security before, during and after an attack, and prevention and protection against spam, malware, phishing and leaks. Mimecast also offer training for employees as well as cloud and on-premises protection. 


With such a wide selection of IT security services offered by a number of different companies, businesses looking for cyber security support would appear to be spoilt for choice. However, with different services offered by each one it is important to find the security company that best fits your own specific needs. In addition t o this, it is essential that the company that manages your security is 100% trustworthy, or starting a contract could represent even greater risks. When it comes to cyber security, it is always better to be safe than sorry. 


For an experienced, reliable and trustworthy IT security company that provides a broad spectrum of cyber security services, UK-based businesses can find everything they are looking for with Mustard IT. Contact us today to talk about what we can do for you.