The Best Ways to Make Use of Your Old Smartphone

Posted on Thursday, March 31, 2022

Because smartphones are updated so regularly, it’s easy to end up with a drawer full of obsolete versions that are no longer useful. Most upgrades are motivated by a desire to have the most recent version rather than any real must-have’ new feature, and many of the abandoned Smartphones are still completely functional. So, what are your alternatives for a drawer full of obsolete yet completely functional technology?

Use it as a hand-me-down or a first phone for your kids. It may seem reasonable to start them out with a low-cost gadget, but kids are clever and desire the look and functionality of a much more costly device, such as the one their parents have. Using an old Smartphone you have owned will address this problem, and it will not be such a big issue if the phone is lost or destroyed. If you have little children, you may uninstall some of the applications you don’t want them to use and let them play games on the phone instead. In rare cases, smartphones can link to an Xbox or Playstation and play games.

Turn your old Smartphone into a security camera by downloading an appropriate app and then mounting the phone exactly where you need it – you’ll need a power source and a suction cup – then use your new Smartphone to log in and see the feed from your old one With the accompanying software. 

A redundant Smartphone can also be used as a web camera, and there has been a high demand for them since the start of the Coronavirus epidemic for video conferencing on services like Skype, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

Keep your most recent previous phone as backup in case your current device is broken, misplaced, or fails for whatever reason. Simply transfer the sim card from your current phone to the old one; this will keep you connected and relieve the stress of not having a phone at all. 

Use it solely for music and other media, or assign it the role of backup for all of your important files; this can come in handy if something happens to your current phone. If you find yourself spending a lot of time at home, create an audiobook account, download the app, and then connect your old phone to a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy literature in surround sound. 

Use your old Smartphone as a new remote control for your television; just download an appropriate app and you’re good to go. 

Sell your phone or give it to an older relative to use in an emergency. There is a market for old Smartphones; just make sure you remove all of your personal information and the phone is totally cleansed of all data before selling it. 

Donate your phone; there are many great organisations and charities to choose from; you can typically do this via their website. Just make sure you wash the phone clean before you part ways with it. Choose from Oxfam, WaterAid, or a variety of other worthwhile charities.
You’ll be spoiled for options when it comes to ingenious upcycling and recycling alternatives for an old but working Smartphone. Whatever you plan to do with your old smartphone, make sure it’s been wiped clean of any private data and personal information, and that any unwanted applications or features have been deleted if you’re handing it to youngsters.


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