What Is Microsoft Myanalytics and What Are the Benefits?

Posted on Monday, June 15, 2020

Feel like you spend too much of your time at work in meetings that should’ve been an email or replying to emails that should’ve been a meeting? Now there’s a way to know for sure using Microsoft Myanalytics.

What is Microsoft Myanaltyics?

Using data insights can give you a clear idea of how you spend your time and in which areas of your working life you can be more productive. This is where Microsoft Myanalytics comes in. This application, formerly Delve Analytics, provides employees with two key factors in personal productivity: how they spend their time at work, and who they spend it with.

This allows the end-user, the employee, to get an accurate, data-driven picture of where their day goes while at work. As a user, it allows you to see which applications are taking up most of your time and where you could use your time more wisely.

How Does Microsoft Myanalytics Work?

To get a picture of your overall performance at work, Microsoft Myanaytics provides you with a personal dashboard of statistics calculated using your user data from the Microsoft applications you use. In short, it tracks the time you spend on certain applications such as:

  • Meetings. How much time is physically spent in meetings, and how do you manage your time during them? Do you multitask while on video calls?
  • Email. How much time do you spend checking your email and emailing others?

This data is then used to provide statistics about your work habits and patterns. It shows which tools and services you use the most, and which people you connect with while doing so. This allows you to understand your overall performance at work and provides the means to measure and track improvement in your productivity over time.

Microsoft Myanalytics Features

The following points show a sample of different types of data used by Microsoft Myanalytics and how each insight can be used to benefit your productivity.

  • Your time. Using data from your mailbox and calendar, this is an overview of how you spent your time compared to the goals you set yourself at the start of the week.
  • Stay in touch and losing touch. This uses insights from your calendar and contacts to see who you have collaborated with the most and spent the most time working with this week, and which colleagues you have had no contact with during the week.
  • Meeting hours and habits. This gives a breakdown of the amount of time you spent in meetings compared with the amount of time you have planned for meetings.
  • Focus hours. This is the measure of much time you have been able to work on tasks without being ‘distracted’ by meetings. Focus hours are typically classed as being two consecutive hours spent not in a meeting.
  • After hours. This is the measure of how much time you spend working outside of your regular defined working hours.

All of this data is pulled together using Microsoft Myanalytics’ artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to provide an overview of your typical habits, behaviour and work patterns. It is this information that the application uses to make recommendations on how the user can free up their time and work more efficiently.

Microsoft Myanalytics Benefits

The benefits of MyAnalyics cannot be ignored. Many organisations are using it to successfully improve productivity, engagement and workflow. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Personal recommendations. The application goes one step further than just suggesting generic tips for improving productivity. All data used is your data, so any recommendations the application gives to you are completely personal to you.
  • Improved productivity. Use real, data-driven insights to figure out how to best manage your time so you can prioritise your important tasks.
  • More focus time. The application allows you to identify where you multitask, for example, and which action strategies you can implement to better focus on your core priorities.
  • Improve your relationships. By seeing which colleagues you might not be spending much time with you can quickly spot when you perhaps aren’t collaborating enough.
  • Better work-life balance. Using after hours data, you can see when and how often you work after hours and learn how to reduce the amount you do that.
  • Improved wellbeing. The dashboard can give you an indicator of how well you are disconnecting from work during your scheduled time off. This can help you reduce the amount you overwork and potentially reduce the risk of stress or burnout.

Is Microsoft Myanalytics right for you?

Although some people may feel uneasy about having their time and movements tracked, it needs to be stressed that the application can be carefully configured so that only the end-user sees any of the data – not their manager, employer or Microsoft. It’s worth talking to an experienced IT support provider to learn more about how it can be integrated into your workflow.

Only you can see your insights and recommendations and use them to positively affect your productivity, wellbeing and work-life balance.


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