World Password Day 2022 – Best Ways to Protect Your Passwords

Posted on Monday, June 21, 2021

The first Thursday of May every year is World Password Day, the next one being May 5th 2022. Initially invented by Intel back in 2013, it serves as a reminder to keep our digital ecosystems safe and protect against potential threats.

Here is everything you need to know about password protection and all things cybersecurity.

How to Create A Strong Password

There are two main factors in creating a full-proof password that will negate cyberattacks. Keep your data safe by following these two simple rules:-

  1. Size – It is estimated that a password with seven characters would take 0.29 milliseconds to crack. So making sure to have over twelve characters would give you an estimated safety of two centuries! Of course, if your password is “123456789101112” then it will be relatively easy to hack, which leads us to rule two.
  2. Combine Alpha & Numeric – Along with twelve characters, you need to add symbols, numbers, and a mix of letters. If you have a password more similar to “Fishing4Pen%Secure9Moose**”, it will be far more difficult for hackers and cyber attackers to gain access.

How Biometric Authentication can Help

With the advancements of technology, the more we see biometric authentication. Biometrics is when we scan our fingerprint, iris of the eye, hand to determine our vein patterns and identify device owners. The reasons biometric authentication methods are helpful are:-

  • It stops us from needing to remember multiple passwords
  • Makes it far more difficult for hackers to get into devices
  • It’s quicker than typing out a password
  • Makes devices or places secure as only certain people have access
  • People can use it in office buildings, laptops, phones, and other devices

What is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)? 

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the future of cybersecurity. It requires two or more forms of authentication, like a password and a biometric scan. This allows access while maintaining the safety of a device, data, or place. It will be the best form of protection against systems getting compromised.


Celebrate World Password Day year-round by keeping your devices and accounts safe. Remembering to:-

  • Create Long Passwords – Aim for above 12 characters. 
  • Mix-up letters and numbers – Get creative with where you place numbers and capital letters.
  • Use symbols – Try scattering symbols like £%+#~! To make it harder for hackers. 
  • Try Biometrics or MFA – Use fingerprint scanners or multiple kinds of authentication to ensure that nobody else will access your valuable information.  

Lastly, make it unique while still keeping it memorable. The last thing you want to do is forget all of your passwords and have to hack your own devices! Once you’ve created a strong password, make subtle and memorable changes to the symbols or words to keep it in your mind but out of reach for cyberattackers.


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