The Most Interesting Data Privacy Trends for 2021 – 2022

Posted on Thursday, September 16, 2021

More internet users are understanding the importance of data privacy and are beginning to look for alternatives to Google and some social media sites like Facebook that make profits on user data. 

Alongside this swell in consumer awareness, regulators are becoming stricter on data privacy rules and they will become more rigorous during 2021 and beyond. For businesses, this increased scrutiny on privacy means they need to be even more aware of the latest privacy trends, and the latest rules. 

  • Look out for new cookie laws

The rules around tracking Cookies placed on user devices change from time to time. Here is the latest info you need to know.

  • Permission – Most sites now have a pop up that allows users to accept all cookies, reject all cookies or to choose which cookies they want to allow. This in normally done via a pop up on top of the web page content and gives the user the choice of what the site can do with their data.
  • FinesFines for breaching the rules around cookies can be significant. For example, Google and Amazon were issued with large fines of £91 and £32 million respectively for using automatic cookies. The fine was passed down as they did not ask the user for their consent for cookies, which shows how seriously this can be taken. 
  • EU Services – If your businesses are operating in the EU, you also need to watch out for the latest cookie and privacy laws there as they can be different from those in other parts of the world.
  • Will Brexit Have an Effect on Privacy laws? 

Brexit is affecting both UK and EU organisations because they will need to understand the UK GDPR in order to operate, alongside the DPA (Data Protection Act) of 2018.

For those that run in the UK and the EU the small differences between th eEU regulations and those in the UK could catch them out. So, it is important to keep on top of all rules that the European Data Protection Board and GDPR issue.

  • Growing Public Awareness On Privacy Rights

Data and privacy issues are now much more of a mainstream discussion than ever before. Documentaries and social media campaigners are putting it out there just how much information is being gathered by phone data, locations data, purchases and more. Much of this data is given to advertisers so they can target their ad campaigns more effectively.  

This trend will potentially have a negative effect on customer trust due to the number of data breaches highlighted in the press.

Data subject access requests will become the standard for legal actions and individuals’ rights to ask what data is being stored about them. 

  • Authorities and GDPR

The EU is taking a stricter stance on those who breach GDPR rules, particularly those who suffer data breaches or fail to protect consumer data. Regulations will also include things like adequacy decisions made by the EU regarding the UK data protection rules to allow data transferral.

  • Transparency is The Future of Business

Recent studies from CISCO established that more than 50% of consumers would switch to companies that they felt had better data policies. A desire to see trust and transparency is one of the biggest trends in consumer habits. 

For businesses that take the time to build consumer trust and treat privacy and data protection seriously there are big gains in new customers and brand reputation to be had.  This is also going to translate into bigger profits. Putting transparency at the forefront of your business is one of the biggest trends you should follow in 2021 and beyond.

To sum up, the privacy trends that will have emerged throughout 2021 and will continue into 2022 are that consumers are becoming more aware of how advertising works and how their data may be misused. Work towards creating a brand that values their customers and their privacy. Your customers will thank you, and you will enjoy more business success. 


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